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About Peniche

The place you want to be if you are a wave rider.

Peniche is situated on the central coast of Portugal on the west just about 99 km north of Lisbon. The city has a magnificient historical heritage, starting with the fortress built in the century 16, the archeology, Berlengas Island and religious monuments. The main economics activities is fishing, agriculture and tourism. Peniche tourism grow a lot when the World Surfing League moved to Supertubos beach in 2010 since then surfers from all over the world come to Peniche to cacth some waves. Peniche become the Capital of the wave in Portugal and the best surf spot in all Europe.

About Baleal

Where all the surfers hang out.

Baleal is a small fishing village, back in the days was a Island 20 years ago they connected to the main land. Cool to relax after a surf session in the local bars right next to the beach. Its a nice place to hang out.

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Where to eat

You'll find a lot restaurants in the area but here are my recommendations:

“O febras“

Baleal Camping Area


Ferrel Village

“Tasca do Joel”

Peniche City

“Sol é Vida”

Consoloçao Village


Have a nice meal =)

Where to party

Cocktail Bar


Game Club


Danau Bar

Baleal Beach

Bar the Praia

Baleal Beach
Rock&Roll =)

How to get here

Peniche is about 99 km/ 60 miles north of lisbon airport



By road its all about 1h:15 minuts driving using the A8 Highway drive in this Highway in the direction of LEIRIA until you see the signals pointing to Peniche .

ATTENTION: make sure you have cash Money to pay the highway taxes. Will coust you 5 euros.



On the way out of the Lisbon Airport there is a bus (the Aeroshuttle) Number 96 every half a hour who takes you to SETE RIOS a bus terminal, or you can take a táxi to SETE RIOS aswell. When you are in SETE RIOS buy a tickect to Peniche . The journey take 90 minuts and will coust you 9 euros.

ATTENTION: Peniche has two bus stopeds the first one is in the middle of the city and the another one in a industrial zone! If your hostel or acommodation is around Baleal or Ferrel make sure you get out in the industrial zone bus stoped.