As a son follows the footsteps of his father, I have decided to follow the steps of my surf coach and become one myself. Throughout my professional surfing career, I have trained together with Tiago Pires. Our coach, Jose “Ze” Seabra, is one of the best in Portugal and has helped Tiago win his world title. I also learned a lot from him, so I decided to pass on this knowledge and to go to the University of Lisbon after my professional career. There I studied sports science with a focus on surfing performance. Since 2018 I offer the only coaching service in Peniche and the surrounding area, which focuses exclusively on middle and advanced surfers. Everyone who trains with me, benefits from my long experience as a surf professional, my knowledge of professional surf coaching and has access to the best training methods. I love to work as a coach and it makes me happy to see my students making progress.

The Team


Nica was born in Carcavelos (lisbon) start to surf when he was 12 years old because he found a surf board in the garbage and took it with him to the beach. Since that day never stoped, passing 6 to 8 hours in the water become with 14 years of age one of the youngest professional surfers in Portugal. Up from that age he was 12 years sponsored professional surfer.

Nica’s testimonial:

I love coaching makes me happy to teach surfers who have the disire to improve.


Nina was born is Lübeck (Germany) started to Surf in Denmark and baltic sea. Soon as she finished her Graduation she folowed her passion to surf and moved to Peniche (Portugal).

Nina’s testimonial:

I write my testimonial using Kelly Slater`s words: Surfing is Like the Mafia. Once you are in, you’re in. There is no getting out.

Why choose us

Our unique Coaching methods

Our coaching methods are based on my professional surf career and surf performance studies.

Our attitude

We are a team of two surfers who are comitted to help others to improve. We have created this surfing project because we love what we do.

Different Surfspots

Instead of surfing every day on the most popular beaches SurfMore always try to search for a quiet spot for the coaching.

Our approach

For us is all about how your surf and how you can get better. Our main concern and mission is to provide solutions to your surf progress and guide you in the direction of your personal goals in surfing.

Our experience

Until now we have teached many surfers to improve using our special coaching methods, helping them to break old habits and perfect their surf technique.

Adaptable hours

We are not a surfschool or a surf camp! We dont have fixed times for surf lessons. We adapt to the tides and changes of the swells, so we can surf under the best conditions possible. With adaptable hours you can fit your surf coaching sessions to your personal schedule. We love Sunrise and sunset sessions because they are great to avoid croweds.


With all our years of experience we have seen a lot. So we can say most of the times we understand what has to be done to improve.

Experts say

Usually, ex professional surfers or surfers with a lot years of surfing tend to understand and plan better coaching programs because of their past experience

– Surfers today

Our philsophy

It does matter so surf better!

Today surf coaching is a serious business and really can change the course of your surfing! Look at the pro surfers in the world surfing league (w.s.l.). Why should they have surf coaches??? If they are already the best surfers in the world. All of them has a surf coach to have always a 2nd opinion of their surf performance. The point is:

Don’t think you just need surf lessons in the beginning, thats the easier part! The real challenges starts out the back!

So instead of spending a lot of Money in new short boards thinking they will make you surf better, think about hiring a professional coach to really help you to understand your surfing and the areas to improve.


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