Jan und Björn in Germany

Jan and Bjorn Wellenreitshop

Björn and Jan are the face of Wellenreitshop.de! Have a look and come around!


As a surfer in Germany, it is not that easy: few good waves nearby, little hardware selection, but at expensive prices.

Unfortunately we cannot solve the problem with the waves at the moment. But we would finally like to give all surfers in Germany access to a larger selection

of surfing products at fair prices. “core surf gear for addicts” is therefore the motto of wellenreitshop.de, the special mail order for surf hardware and accessories

and probably the largest surfing hardware store in Germany (more than 240 sqm shop space, more than 200 boards in the shop, always more than over 500 neoprene in our shop ….)

Welcome to our second living room, the shop !!

We have been bathing in neoprene for several years and just love it here in the North.

No matter whether North or Baltic Sea and this in every season. If the wallet is not low tide, the trip can also be booked in the direction of board shorts! We and our friends have gotten

around a bit and can help you to choose the right equipment for your travel destination. The same goes for choosing your board.

Surfing is one of the most important life points and this addiction must of course be capped.

For us this means:

To offer you this possibility, too, by being able to offer a huge selection of the complete program, the REALLY required hardware for surfing in summer and in winter.

Visit Website: wellenreitshop.de

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